Being a Writer / Dad

Learn to Get Burned: Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection

If you are serious about this writing thing, you are going to have to show your writing to people. Stop being precious about it. Stop being scared of rejection. Every writer gets rejected. Deal with it. Here’s how: Crawl Rejection…
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You Need To Get Out of the House. Right Now.

Anyone who’s stayed with children for an extended period of time knows that it can be, uh, boring. Repetitive songs, games, questions, injuries. It can get old after a while. Staring at the same four walls for hours on end…
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Writer/Dad Recipes for a Nutritional Intellectual Diet

Read More Books

There is a growing problem in the writing world today. The ease of e-publishing, blogging, and internet distribution has led to a trade imbalance of sorts. People tend to write far more than they read. Know your craft and create…
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Stay-At-Home Writer/Dad Workout Plan [5 tips]


As previously noted, Stay-At-Home Writer/Dads are at particularly acute risk of contracting Saturday Malaise. Also noted, staying home with children can be frustrating. Working out is a good way of staving off frustration. Additionally noted, like it or not, your…
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Sleep Strategies for the Stay At Home Writer/Dad

Sheep on Hillside

Sleep patterns vary widely according to age, development, and individual temperament. As such, any new parent quickly learns that what worked a few weeks ago, may not work today, leading to late nights and frustration. In spite of this, the…
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Avoid Saturday Malaise: Why Stay-At-Home Dads Have To Show Up For Work

Lethargy is a symptom as well.

Being a Stay At Home Dad offers you the opportunity to write as much and as often as your little progeny will allow. But there are hidden dangers in your newfound freedom. Even the most disciplined writer can quickly fall…
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Parents: Develop a Schedule That Will Change Your Writing Life

Avoid Burnout by Sticking to A Schedule

Sticking to a daily schedule will benefit any writer. For Stay-At-Home Writer/Parents it’s a matter of life and death. Coming up with a routine that optimizes your child’s sleep cycles for maximum engagement and highest writing output is the goal….
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How To Balance Writing & Family

Finding Balance

How do you balance writing and family? Writing requires you to be self-motivated, which means negotiating competing priorities. At a 9-5 job someone makes priority decisions for you. At home you have to be disciplined about how you spend your…
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How To Have A Writing Career As A Stay At Home Dad (10 Steps)

Steps You Should Take

You’ve crunched numbers, had discussions, and examined your soul. Now you’re standing with toes dangling, ready to take the plunge into the double fulltime job of caring for your kids and nurturing a writing career. This is neither an easy…
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Stay at Home Dads, Gender Roles, & Natural Disasters

Blood, Fire, and Pillars of Smoke

There are a variety of factors that inspire men to stay home, take care of the kids, and write. Many times these factors are economic. After a job loss, for instance, it can be a concession for survival. In other…
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