Memes & Lame Photoshop

Social Media Manifesto

  Many people are unhappy. They feel anxious. Sad. Betrayed. Defiant. Many people are happy. They feel safe. Exuberant. Vindicated. Heard.   I’ve lost a fair number of friends during this election cycle. Folks who held their allegiance to an…
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How Raising a Toddler is Not Unlike Living in Jurassic Park

There are so many things that I love about being the father of a toddler. Toddlers are wonderful. They are also scary. The “terrible twos” is not just the period when your child learns to throw tantrums and deflate into…
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Clap Along… or not…

harrell Williams Happy Roof

Hey Folks! This is another installment in my series of “Memes & Lame Photoshop.” It appears that despite Pharrell Williams’ affinity for Arby’s-inspired Canadian mountie garb, he may not fully appreciate what it means to be happy in the frigid…
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