How Raising a Toddler is Not Unlike Living in Jurassic Park


There are so many things that I love about being the father of a toddler.

Toddlers are wonderful. They are also scary.

The “terrible twos” is not just the period when your child learns to throw tantrums and deflate into a human puddle of rage and flopping limbs. It is when that little reptilian brain decides to kick into high gear, reincarnating an otherwise cute baby personality into that of a real life velociraptor, capable of  barking orders to its companions and encircling you in the tall grass.

What’s more? They’ve taught themselves how to open doors.

Observe below all the ways in which raising a toddler feels like living in Jurassic Park.


1) This is you trying to catch a flight.

It doesn’t matter if they can’t feel their limbs when you get there. You will get there.



2) Your face after three hours at the dinner table.

Trying to get your child to eat. TO EAT. Something that will keep them ALIVE. Just swallow this green gelatinous glob! Because I love you!

15 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park Gifs



3) When they jump into your bed. Waking you out of a deep, blissful, sleep.

Why do they always land with knees and elbows first? How are they so deathly silent until just before they strike, then release a shrill unhuman squeal? How did they get out of their padlocked room in the first place?

15 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park Gifs



4) When you inadvertently announce that you plan on using the bathroom.

They were off quietly destroying some clean part of the house until you needed to be alone. Then they find you. And they will find you.

15 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park Gifs



5) When you finally shove the bathroom door closed. 

You can hear them, their little raptor claws scratching. Waiting. Waiting for you.

15 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park Gifs



6) When you try to sneak a piece of their Halloween candy.

15 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park Gifs



7) What noise? I thought you said junior was asleep…

15 Of The Greatest Jurassic Park Gifs



8) They’ve made a mess so intricate and complex you can’t help but marvel.

Wow, this is just amazing.  Wait is that my…     Nooooo!!!!

Victor Courtright animated GIF



9) Is it wrong for you to use bright and shiny objects to redirect their attention?

No. No it is not. Use that laser pointer until the batteries die.




10) Basically, a day with a toddler is best understood as a cacophony of emotion.



And there you have it.  I love my toddler. But she makes me crazy.


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Thank you.



Joshua Rigsby is a writer, tea-drinker, and planet 9 enthusiast based in Southern California.


  1. Great post, Josh. Strangely, doubling the children actually quadruples the trouble. It’s madness squared.

    1. Joshua Rigsby (Post author)

      Thanks! I don’t doubt it at all.


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