3 Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

Writing for blogs can be as intimidating or fun as you make it. You can also make a little money at it. Even from home!

Have you read any of any writing online? Anyone can do this. ANYONE.  Photo Courtesy of Brenna Richardson © 2013

Have you read some of the crazy stuff that passes as writing online? Anyone can do this. ANYONE.
Photo Courtesy of Brenna Richardson © 2013

Here are three ways how:

1) Blog For Businesses

This is a lot easier than you might think. Companies may be good at making stuff, but they’re not always good at writing about the stuff that they make. This is where you come in. Swoop down like an angel from heaven and tickle the blogosphere with your cherubic words.

Where do you find blogging jobs for businesses? Craig’s List. Honestly. I’ve gotten plenty of work this way. Don’t bother looking on those freelance writing websites. Just find someone looking for someone to write internet copy, blogging, social media, or newsletters. Get the job, write a lot, make mistakes, and learn as you go.

For anything blogging related you will do yourself a favor if you learn a few SEO techniques. As these techniques are constantly changing depending on Google’s mood and whatever newfangled gadgets pop up between the time I write this post and the time it meets your eyes, suffice it to say, it doesn’t hurt to learn the basics of how search engines work, and how you can use them to find new clients.


2) Affiliate Marketing

This step basically means you build up a decent following for your very own private blog, then bring in advertisers to pay you per click they receive or product they sell from your site. A good example are the fine products you will find on this site (wink).

Selling ads on your site is a low-risk way to earn a little income. The more hits your blog gets, the better your cash flow. Keep in mind, though, that it generally takes some pretty substantial traffic to make a living this way, so focus on creating great content and providing people clicking opportunities that make sense for them. Blog about being a stay at home Dad and a writer? Writer’s Digest is a good choice (I repeat).


3) Sell Your Own Stuff

Blogging is a great way to talk about things that you are an expert in, and/or that you enjoy. If you have products related to your blogging content, stick them up for sale online. There are plenty of plug and play shopping cart options available for bloggers, particularly if you are on the WordPress platform. If your fan base is large enough, get together some themed merchandise for them to show off their geeky pride.  If you’re a writer, put up some short stories or a how-to book on Amazon. The opportunities are virtually endless.

In the end, the more page views you get on a daily basis, the greater your potential for income, no matter what your business or strategy. Mix and match and write about things that you care about. The more you write, the better you write, and the more passionate you are, the bigger your impact.

If you’ve got a question on how to get started leave me a quick note in the comments. Thanks!


Joshua Rigsby is a freelance writer, tea drinker, and full-time father based in Los Angeles, California.

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